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Hi everyone, I’m going to answer some questions you might have about me and my writing here.

Where are you from?

Teesside, England (UK).

Why do you write in different genre's?

I like being a multi-genre author because I get to write about whatever I want. I am interested in political issues but I also have a very active imagination so I also write fiction.

What projects do you have on-going at the moment?


I have several works of supernatural/fantasy fiction in the pipeline at the moment, which will be released in e-book and probably paperback form. I’m also still doing research for my next political work, which is a case for the de-criminalisation of the sex industry. This is based upon why I think it will have safety benefits for people; namely workers and customers from a prevalence of STI in the community perspective and a safety from being assaulted at work perspective. The working title is ‘$EX: Solidarity with Strumpets’.




Where can I buy your books?

A link to the Amazon UK pages is on the website for each of my works to date. This will be updated when new titles are released. All of the books are available to high street bookstores to order in as well as other online retailers. If your high street bookstore doesn’t stock my work most bookstores will order titles in upon request.


What kind of fiction do you write?

I’ve written and published erotica and supernatural & fantasy fiction. Most of my work will be local fiction based in the Teesside area. ​


Questions and Answers



I manage a bookstore/library and I'm interested in stocking your work, where can I get it?


Thank you for your interest in my work. I self-publish through CreateSpace, all of my paperback books have been entered into the Expanded Distribution network which makes them available to bookstores, libraries and academic institutions. If you run a library or want to display my work at an academic institution then my work is available through Baker and Taylor. If your distributor doesn’t stock work form CreateSpace then you should be able to get it through CreateSpace Direct which is a wholesale reseller of CreateSpace published books.

I don't live in the UK: can I buy your books?

Yes. Here is a link to my author page on Amazon USA. The kindle editions of all of my books will be avaliable on your home countries Amazon page. Paperback editions of my books are avaliable on Amazon throughout Europe and North America, outside these areas they are avaliable through other online suppliers. Highstreet bookstores can order them upon request if they do not stock them regularly. Alternatively they can be purchased from CreateSpace, as each title has an e-Store to purchase it from:



My little blue book: A collection of erotic short stories (18+ due to adult content)


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