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Books (Fiction)

Hi, here is where I’ll be advertising my fiction books from; I write erotica and dark fantasy/paranormal fiction

Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel

ISBN-13: 978-1499336528









With the murder of Mary Jane Kelly the Modus Operandi of the killings in Whitechapel changed. The surgical skill of Jack the Ripper was replaced with ruthless abandon, and the careful, precise and deliberate methods used to carve the poor victims became vicious and frenzied.

Due to heightened tensions between the police and the people living in the East End of London the police couldn't openly admit that there was a second serial killer walking the streets of London taking the lives of innocents in the dead of night, even though this beast was far more dangerous than any which the police had hunted before.

When Daniella and her fiancé Thomas were holidaying in a quiet place a little way outside London the world seemed perfect; but when a strange and mysterious beast attacks them on the way home the world changed forever. Upon returning to London grieving the loss of her fiancé, Danielle makes an unlikely friend in a man called Theodore together and aided by a desperate police constabulary they prowl the East End of London looking for the beast who killed her fiancé.
























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*please note, the cover image on merchandise is the image used on the Smashwords edition of the book and is different from the cover displayed here

The adventures of Dr Jacob R. Roberts and DSI Sally A. Williams: A killer returns






Jacobs’s day took a sharp turn south when just before he was about to finish work a body turns up. Mere hours later he is horrified to find out that a murder case that was never solved has just come back to haunt him. With his relationship with his boyfriend under strain and a homicidal lunatic killing people left, right and centre all he can do is hope he and his partner Sally can catch him before many more people die. Set on Teesside, this fast paced novelette is exciting and has several fascinating plot twists leading to an exciting conclusion.

My Little Blue Book: a collection of steamy erotic short stories (18+ due to adult content)

ISBN-13: 978-1490952550





Here are a varied and exciting collection of erotic short stories ranging from romantic erotica to one night stands to BDSM and everything in between. Read about Tim and his affinity for cake, the young escort who goes to uni after a night in a hotel with a complete stranger, how a long-term couple keep the romance alive and what a kinky police officer did when she caught a porn star speeding. Here are steamy and sensual stories of love, lust and curiosity & in multiple cases several at the same time. So tuck yourself in to bed, slide your hand down your pyjama bottoms and spend a few nights reading these sex fantasy length stories which are just long enough to get you hot under the collar (and hot somewhere else) before you take your daydream to its hot and steamy conclusion.

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