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Hello and welcome to my author website, thank-you for visiting. This is where you will find out about me and my work.


I’m a multi-genre author and I have a tendency to put what I think into writing, as I have quite a philosophical mind and interest about the world around me & the people in it I write about social sciences.


I'm also branching out into fiction; I write erotica & supernatural horror, and when that is published links to e-stores you can purchase copies will be put online here also.


My books are avaliable in paperback and ebook editions.



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A killer returns

Jacobs’s day took a sharp turn south when just before he was about to finish work a body turns up. Mere hours later he is horrified to find out that a murder case that was never solved has just come back to haunt him. With his relationship with his boyfriend under strain and a homicidal lunatic killing people left, right and centre all he can do is hope he and his partner Sally can catch him before many more people die.

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